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Hrubá SkálaHrubá Skála

Hrubá Skála

Originally Gothic castle founded around 1300 by Hynek from Valdštejn. The castle was established on rock platform 8 km far from Turnov, it was called Skály (Rocks) and there are preserved chiselled well, cellars and remnants of stairs in rock up to the present days. On place of old castle was built Renaissance chateau in the 16th century. The chateau burnt in 1710 and then in 1804 it was rebuilt again. In that time the english garden was founded. The courtyard and the tower with view point are accesible for public today. Hrubá Skála mansion is situated directly above unique rock city which bears its name. Near by mansion is Marias Viewpoint. There is possible to admire one of the most famous and beautiful view of the Bohemian Paradise.

A view of Hrubá Skála
The chateau from above
Hrubá skála

Hrubá skála

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